Sleeping near to the floor may seem unusual to some people, especially if they have been sleeping on a standard height bed for the majority of their lives. Switching to a low bed might feel strange at first, but we’ve found that those that switch to a low bed frame tend not to switch back.

We all know that heat rises, therefore sleeping closer to the ground means that you will stay naturally cooler. This can prove very useful during the warm summer months. This is because near floor sleeping helps you to relax and to avoid those horrible nights in which you struggle to keep cool.

Getting in and out of a low bed frame uses more effort than it does with a standard height bed, meaning that you get more exercise as you get into bed. Getting out of your low bed actually allows you to wake up feeling more refreshed as you have to use more energy to push yourself up out of bed. Whereas with other beds you tend to just hang your legs over the edge and drop out.

People we have had a chance to speak with about the subject have found that low beds leave them feeling naturally happier, many people have said that they wouldn’t go back to a standard height bed after sleeping on a low bed frame. As with most modern designs and technologies, they soon get familiarised with

Overall, sleeping close to the floor has several health benefits. The main benefit being the additional stretching and exercise that you get when getting into and out of the low bed. The simple process of clambering out of a low bed can actually have a large benefit to your health and can be a great way to make you more alert in the morning.

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