Personally, how would you describe your morning routine? Is it unbearably hard or barely manageable? If it is then here are a few tips on setting smart, realistic morning routines.


  • Prioritise Sleep – Let’s be honest, I’m sure we can all pretty much say that we don’t get enough sleep. There is no exact amount of time that you should sleep for, but the most common recommendation is eight hours or more. If you get enough sleep, then even the earliest of wake-ups are bearable, and your routine will seem fairly easy.
  • Get It Out The Way The Night Before – There are many things that you can completely remove from your morning to-do list, wouldn’t it be great if you could find time to do them before you went to sleep. Maybe choosing your outfit for the day, sorting out your lunch for work, even having the kettle filled ready for your morning coffee.
  • Make A Schedule – Try to keep track of how long each component of your morning routine takes -breakfast – shower, drive to work takes for the day. Although you don’t need to stick to it militantly, it’s good to have a picture of how long things take helps you make informed choices about your routine.
  • Incorporate Something Positive – Mornings don’t have to be doom and gloom if you can find something to look forward to, it makes getting up and out the house all the more bearable. Maybe blast your favourite music whilst in the shower, or the thought of having that beloved one cup of coffee you allow yourself per day. If you can get your mind into that good place, the rest of the routine may not seem like such a chore.



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