For a huge majority of people, driving is a necessary part of everyday life. People commute to work, they drive to holiday destinations, to see family and friends, people drive on outings, you name it, people use their vehicle to get there. For some people; couriers, taxi drivers, goods transporters, driving is their job. However, there’s one big danger that people always forget about when driving, and that’s tiredness.

Tiredness is one of the biggest killers when it comes to driving. When you’re tired, your response times are reduced, you’re less alert, it’s harder to focus on the road. Some people say that the rows and rows of red lights in front of them on a long journey is hypnotic, and lulls them further into a state of exhaustion. For some people, it’s even possible to reach a point where they’re that tired that it’s similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. It’s very dangerous to drive when tired, it’s even dangerous to drive immediately after you’ve just woken up. You should never take that risk when driving, you should always, if possible, wait until you’re fully alert before driving.

What’s the reason for people driving while tired and what’s the reason that people are so tired? It’s actually akin to a vicious circle – Many people drive while tired because they have to commute in the morning, and then by the end of the day they’re either mentally or physically exhausted, or both and have to commute back. This is often then the reason that people are so tired: Because they have to wake up so early to commute, and get back so late, they’re being deprived of sleep. They wake up early again to commute, not having had enough sleep, and are tired because of it. So continues the vicious circle.

It’s important to get the best possible rest, especially if you’re in a situation where you drive frequently. Drivers of heavy goods vehicles in Europe are required to take at least 11 hours of rest a day, and 45 minutes of rest every 4 hours and 30 minutes. As many signs say on motorways: “Tiredness can kill, take a break”.

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