When preparing for an attic conversion, you can’t just jump the gun and begin installing it without looking at the things you need to consider. The process is not as simple as you think, there are many things that could cause a few hiccups in the installation process.

The first thing you should consider is your ceiling height, it could be a major restriction in your attic conversion. If you are tall yourself or have tall relatives then ceiling height could be a major factor in where you strategically place your bedroom furniture. When selecting a bed for your room, your ceiling height will be a key decision maker. We would recommend that you select a low bed for an attic conversion as this way you will save yourself bags of space and headroom above allowing you not to worry about banging your head on the ceiling when you sit up in bed.

Another consideration needed before you install your attic conversion would be your floor space, unless you have a gigantic attic then generally attic spaces tend to be rather small and compact where you need to make sure you optimise all space available. A low bed may help this or maybe you should consider a low space saver bed to help save space even further in your attic. You could consider some form of storage box to help store away any miscellaneous items you may have lying around.

Finally, it’s all about making things match. If you already have certain furniture that you are going to put into the attic conversion, then make sure you buy a bed frame that matches either the colour or wooden finish of your current furniture.


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