We all spend a massive part of our lives sleeping. It seems a fairly simple task, but you may be surprised to hear some of the freaky things that can happen during the time you’re asleep in bed.

The feeling of falling:
It’s highly likely that this is a feeling we’ve all had. This usually occurs during the transitional period of being awake and going to sleep. This sensation is perfectly natural and is given the name ‘hypnic jerk’.

Sleep Paralysis:
When you go sleep, your muscles will enter into a paralysed state to prevent you from moving them around during sleep. However, sometimes your mind can wake up before your muscles. This gives the scary experience of being unable to move when you first wake up.

Night Terrors:
Very common in children compared to adults, a night terror includes screaming and fear while still remaining asleep. As a parent, these can be incredibly scary to witness, although they aren’t harmful. Those who have a night terror episode won’t have any recollection of the events the following day.

Sleep Walking
A lot of us have done this in our lifetime. Mos sleepwalkers will perform tasks such as walking around or sitting up in bed, though some may perform a lot more complicated things such as driving a car. Some of those who sleepwalk may talk too, and while many won’t make sense, others can string out whole sentences.

Acting Out Our Dreams
As you can imagine, this is very dangerous. Normally when we’re asleep and dreaming our muscles are paralysed. However, on rare occasions this may not occur and can lead to some acting out dreams. To us, this sounds very scary.

Exploding Head Syndrome
Though what the name suggests, this certainly isn’t what you’re thinking. What this actually means is that a sleeper being startled by a loud noise that almost seems to originate within the head. This strange sounding event doesn’t cause any pain and has no association for any illnesses.

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