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6 Freaky Things That Happen During Your Sleep

We all spend a massive part of our lives sleeping. It seems a fairly simple task, but you may be surprised to hear some of the freaky things that can happen during the time you’re asleep in bed. The feeling of falling: It’s highly likely that this is a feeling we’ve all had. This usually […]

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The effects of driving while sleepy

Drowsiness & Dangerous Driving

For a huge majority of people, driving is a necessary part of everyday life. People commute to work, they drive to holiday destinations, to see family and friends, people drive on outings, you name it, people use their vehicle to get there. For some people; couriers, taxi drivers, goods transporters, driving is their job. However, […]

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Factors to bare in mind when converting your attic

Considerations Before Installing An Attic Conversion

When preparing for an attic conversion, you can’t just jump the gun and begin installing it without looking at the things you need to consider. The process is not as simple as you think, there are many things that could cause a few hiccups in the installation process. The first thing you should consider is […]

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What do successful people do before bed?

6 Things That Successful People Do Before Bed

The very last thing you do before bed often tends to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the following day, since it determines how well and how much you will sleep. Read A Book It has been agreed that reading is the very last thing successful people do before they go […]

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Image of a cup of coffee sat on a pile of coffee beans

How Much Coffee Is Too Much?

Many of us struggle to go a day without a fix of caffeine, many of us have a morning cup of coffee to perk us up for the long day ahead. But how much coffee is too much? The recommended limit of caffeine for a healthy adult is up to 400 mg. That’s equivalent to […]

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Image of a girl listening to music to brighten up her morning

How To Make Early Mornings More Bearable

Personally, how would you describe your morning routine? Is it unbearably hard or barely manageable? If it is then here are a few tips on setting smart, realistic morning routines.   Prioritise Sleep – Let’s be honest, I’m sure we can all pretty much say that we don’t get enough sleep. There is no exact […]

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Image of a bed very low to the floor

The Health Benefits of Near Floor Sleeping

Sleeping near to the floor may seem unusual to some people, especially if they have been sleeping on a standard height bed for the majority of their lives. Switching to a low bed might feel strange at first, but we’ve found that those that switch to a low bed frame tend not to switch back. […]

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Image of a girl with very bad bed hair

What Causes Us To Get A “Bed Head”?

There isn’t actually a scientific answer to this question but from research this is the most natural explanation for getting a “bed head” when you wake up in the morning. As you sleep at night you’ll toss and turn several times, your hair follows the pressure in which it is being pushed at. The angle […]

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