Prioritise Sleep For A Healthier Lifestyle

Sleep, we all tend to take it for granted. Some nights we go to bed deep into the night, getting as little amount of sleep as possible. Then at the weekend we can wake up at midday. Sometimes too much sleep can be just as bad for you as a limited amount of sleep. But […]

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6 Freaky Things That Happen During Your Sleep

We all spend a massive part of our lives sleeping. It seems a fairly simple task, but you may be surprised to hear some of the freaky things that can happen during the time you’re asleep in bed. The feeling of falling: It’s highly likely that this is a feeling we’ve all had. This usually […]

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Mattress Care Tips

Effective Mattress Care For Older Mattresses

As mattresses get older they begin to slowly lose their comfort level. There are some steps you can take as they begin to age. These can help them to feel more comfortable again and also give them a new and fresher feel. If you’ve found that now your mattress is older you’ve lost some of […]

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10x DIY Room Organisation and Storage Ideas

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5 Bizare Sleeping Habits Of Highly Succesful People

Tom Cruise –  Tom Cruise sleeps in his own sound proof snoratorium. He apparently snores so bad that he has to sleep in this completely sound proof “ Snoratorium”. It is said that whoever uses this snoring room can’t be heard outside the locked door. It’s also a very small, dark and comfortable room almost […]

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British Made Beds

Why Buy British Beds?

There’s a lot of people who like to buy British made products. Aside from that fact you are buying something local, there are also many other advantages too. One of the main reasons to buy a British made bed is because you will find the quality is very high. While other bed manufacturers will use […]

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