Music to Help You Sleep Better

While some of us can get straight to sleep, a select percentage of us have trouble drifting off. There’s so much more to consider than you might think. Watching TV for example really isn’t the best idea! Music, however, can seriously help you to relax after a long day. The one placed within this article […]

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factors that affect our sleep

What Can Affect The Way In Which We Sleep?

There are multiple different things which can affect the way in which we sleep; some help us get a better night’s sleep, while others can result in a poor one. We were intrigued to find out the facts about how sleep can be affected and what exactly can have an impact on the way we […]

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tips for sleeping in the car

5 Recommendations For Sleeping On A Long Journey

When it comes to getting to sleep, nowhere is more comfortable than your own bed. But, in some cases, you may be travelling on a long journey. Getting to sleep whilst on a long car journey or plane journey can be much more difficult than it sounds, so here are our top 5 recommendations to […]

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Why You Should Avoid Eating Before Bed

Why You Should Avoid Eating Before Bed?

It can be incredibly tempting to have a last minute snack right before bedtime, however, this is actually bad for you and you should be avoiding food right before bed. There are a variety of reasons that different foods affect the way you sleep and today, we’re going to take a look at a list […]

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Train Yourself To Become A “Morning Person”

Have you ever wondered why some people struggle to stay up past 11pm, yet you’re still wide awake at 2am? It’s all to do with your internal clock (body clock) and your sleeping pattern. You’ll find that the later you go to sleep, the harder it will be to drag yourself out of bed in […]

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What do successful people do before bed?

6 Things That Successful People Do Before Bed

The very last thing you do before bed often tends to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the following day, since it determines how well and how much you will sleep. Read A Book It has been agreed that reading is the very last thing successful people do before they go […]

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6 Songs To Fall Asleep To

6 Songs You Should Add To Your Bedtime Playlist

Everybody is different, some people can doze off to sleep straight away, and some people take hours before they manage to finally get some sleep. Many people have different techniques to aid them in drifting off, and we here at Guide Me To Bed think that listening to music should certainly be a firm favourite. […]

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Advantages of napping

Benefits of Napping

Napping is a tricky subject, we’ve all gone for a supposable 20-minute nap, just to awake 3 hours later with no recollection of how your life came to this. If you oversleep during a nap, it can have a negative effect on your sleeping pattern and you’ll find it very hard to get to sleep […]

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Image of a cute baby fast asleep

Steps To Help Your Baby Sleep Independently

Your baby needs to learn to get to sleep independently as young as possible so that they can eventually sleep through the whole night alone later in life. There’s no written age when this will happen, however there are measures which can be taken to assist them with this. Here are 3 steps to help […]

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Image of a laptop with a very bright screen

5 Common Things That Affect Your Sleep Pattern

Struggling to get to sleep at night? There are many common factors in a bedroom which can affect the way in which we sleep. If you have found yourself having problems drifting of at night then it may be down to a number of different things. These can be linked to both your bedroom environment […]

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