Facts about DSPS

What Is Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome (DSPS)?

Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome, also known as DSPS, affects roughly 1 in 1000 people. The majority of these people are adolescents. People that suffer from DSPS have the natural desire to go to bed very late and to wake up later than what we’d consider to be normal. People with delayed sleep phase generally go […]

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Guide to a good night's sleep

The Mini-Guide To Getting A Better Night’s Sleep

Drifting off to sleep can often be a difficult task. The problem can often be the way we go about trying to do this. If you find that you’re having this problem then today’s guide will be helpful for you. We take a look into the top ways of getting a better sleep every night. […]

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What do successful people do before bed?

6 Things That Successful People Do Before Bed

The very last thing you do before bed often tends to have a significant impact on your mood and energy level the following day, since it determines how well and how much you will sleep. Read A Book It has been agreed that reading is the very last thing successful people do before they go […]

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6 Songs To Fall Asleep To

6 Songs You Should Add To Your Bedtime Playlist

Everybody is different, some people can doze off to sleep straight away, and some people take hours before they manage to finally get some sleep. Many people have different techniques to aid them in drifting off, and we here at Guide Me To Bed think that listening to music should certainly be a firm favourite. […]

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Advantages of napping

Benefits of Napping

Napping is a tricky subject, we’ve all gone for a supposable 20-minute nap, just to awake 3 hours later with no recollection of how your life came to this. If you oversleep during a nap, it can have a negative effect on your sleeping pattern and you’ll find it very hard to get to sleep […]

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Image of a cute baby fast asleep

Steps To Help Your Baby Sleep Independently

Your baby needs to learn to get to sleep independently as young as possible so that they can eventually sleep through the whole night alone later in life. There’s no written age when this will happen, however there are measures which can be taken to assist them with this. Here are 3 steps to help […]

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Image of a woman asleep with an alarm clock oversleeping

Potential Dangers Of Oversleeping

There is often a lot of hype about not getting enough sleep, however on the other end of the spectrum oversleeping also appears to have a few risks. More evidence is suggesting that spending an excess amount of time in bed is also linked to several health hazards. It appears to influence certain risk factors […]

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Image of a woman struggling to do up her trousers

Can Lack of Sleep Cause Weight Gain?

Think about it this way: If you are feeling sleepy at work, you may be tempted to go grab a cup of coffee or even several and certainly an accompanying doughnut for a quick shot of energy. Later once home you may skip the gym session you so desperately require and will probably pick up […]

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Image of a girl listening to music to brighten up her morning

How To Make Early Mornings More Bearable

Personally, how would you describe your morning routine? Is it unbearably hard or barely manageable? If it is then here are a few tips on setting smart, realistic morning routines.   Prioritise Sleep – Let’s be honest, I’m sure we can all pretty much say that we don’t get enough sleep. There is no exact […]

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Image of a bed very low to the floor

The Health Benefits of Near Floor Sleeping

Sleeping near to the floor may seem unusual to some people, especially if they have been sleeping on a standard height bed for the majority of their lives. Switching to a low bed might feel strange at first, but we’ve found that those that switch to a low bed frame tend not to switch back. […]

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