What Is A Morning Person?

What Is A “Morning Person”?

A ‘morning person’, also known as a ‘lark’ or ‘early bird’, is somebody that tends to wake up in the early hours of the morning and goes to bed early in the evening. Morning people tend to feel highly energetic just after they awake in the morning, they tend to utilise their energy during these […]

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Amazing Facts That You Probably Didn't Know About Sleep

Amazing Facts That You Probably Didn’t know About Sleep

Sleep is one of the most misunderstood processes in the world, with the majority of research into sleep being carried out within the past 40 years. So we have found our most interesting facts that you probably didn’t know about sleep. Animals Sleeping Habits Giraffes sleep for the shortest amount of time compared to other […]

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Sleep advice for pain sufferers

5 Tips To Help Chronic Pain Sufferers Sleep Better

Patients dealing with severe neck and back pain will often have trouble sleeping. Chronic pain in the night can make it very difficult to sleep, and these sleeping problems can exacerbate your symptoms. Here are 5 tips to help chronic pain sufferers to sleep better: Only Go To Bed When You’re Tired – Make sure […]

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Waking up for work

Wake Up For Work – Setting A Morning Routine

Do you go to sleep dreading about hearing that alarm clock ring, do you always hit snooze and stay in bed that little bit longer that you are late for work? Although you may not think it, it is so important that you set yourself a solid morning routine, this way you know exactly what […]

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How long to fall asleep?

How Long Should It Take To Fall Asleep?

For some of us, falling to sleep at night isn’t easy. It seems no matter how hard you try you just cannot fall into the land of nod. On average, it should only take you between 10 and 20 minutes to fall to sleep. If you find that you’re taking a longer time or shorter […]

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Turning phones off before bed

The Big Switch Off – Turning Technology Off Before Bed

We’re always getting told that we use technology too much and we need to start putting it down. This is especially true at night has it can actually play a big role in lack of sleep. We highly recommend doing a big switch off by avoiding TV and phones right before bed. Here’s how it could […]

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Train Yourself To Become A “Morning Person”

Have you ever wondered why some people struggle to stay up past 11pm, yet you’re still wide awake at 2am? It’s all to do with your internal clock (body clock) and your sleeping pattern. You’ll find that the later you go to sleep, the harder it will be to drag yourself out of bed in […]

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Steps To Help Your Baby Sleep Independently

Your baby needs to learn to get to sleep independently as young as possible so that they can eventually sleep through the whole night alone later in life. There’s no written age when this will happen, however there are measures which can be taken to assist them with this. Here are 3 steps to help […]

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6 Freaky Things That Happen During Your Sleep

We all spend a massive part of our lives sleeping. It seems a fairly simple task, but you may be surprised to hear some of the freaky things that can happen during the time you’re asleep in bed. The feeling of falling: It’s highly likely that this is a feeling we’ve all had. This usually […]

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Reasons for why we dream

Why Do We Dream?

Did you know that the majority of information that we know about dreaming and sleep was actually only discovered within the past 100 years? With that in mind, we still don’t have a full comprehension about sleep and dreaming. But based on what we have discovered, why do we dream and what do our dreams […]

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