Sleeping Apps For Sleep

Do Sleep Apps Really Work?

We live in an era in which technology is advancing at an alarming rate, which does actually have a benefit to our everyday life. Mobile phone applications are highly useful (they do have uses aside from just gaming), sleeping apps have been designed to aid you when getting to sleep. But do the actually work? […]

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how natural detoxes affect your sleep

Can Natural Detox Improve Your Sleep?

“Detox”-ing or detoxification, is all the rage in the health blog and magazine world, and has been for a while. Despite the fact there’s no concrete evidence, there must be some degree of credibility, otherwise people would finally stop talking about it. We’re going to be taking a look at whether or not detoxing can […]

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Hotel Sleeping Tips

Hotels, unfortunately, are a cliché case of the good, the bad and the ugly. Reviews and feedback, as well as the practicality of location are all vital features to consider when deciding whether it’s a place that you’d like to stay or not. Usually, the reviews and feedback are perfectly acceptable and will encourage potential […]

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Children sleeping tips

5 Super Easy Ways To Help Your Kids Sleep Through The Night

We all know sleep is incredibly important to our health. It leaves us feeling refreshed and ready to get through the day in the morning. But what if your child isn’t getting the sleep that they desperately require? These are Guide Me To Beds top tips to help your child sleep through the night. One […]

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It has been proven that those who exercise on a regular basis will be more likely to get a good night’s sleep.

Harry L
Keeping warm in bed

5 Tips To Prepare Your Bed For Winter

When winter strikes, so does the fear of sleeping in a cold bedroom. When the cold bites and you’re trying to sleep there is nothing worse than being unable to get warm, and endlessly tossing and turning to find a heated spot in your bed to take the chill off for a split second. Having […]

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Studies also show that increased exposure to light can also lead to health issues such as depression

Jonathan Barrow
naps are good for you

Are Naps Good For You After All?

Some people say that naps are bad for you and can cause you to feel uneasy upon awakening. But this isn’t necessarily the case, naps have actually been proven to benefit you, but how long is considered to be a healthy nap? It’s advised that you have a nap for between 20 – 30 minutes, […]

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Impact of Lack of Sleep On Health

Sleep. It’s something we all do. In fact, a huge percentage of our life is spent doing it. But a lack of it can have serious negative impacts. Guide Me To Bed has compiled a few of the impacts on health due to lack of sleep. Firstly, lack of sleep can cause your brain to […]

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restless nights

Restless Night? It Could Be Your Bed’s Fault!

There can be several reasons why you aren’t getting the required hours of sleep each night, but could it be your bed’s fault? Guide Me To Bed investigates whether your bed can be the cause of your restless nights. No matter whether you are sleeping on a low bed, four poster bed or a standard […]

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