The main aim here at Guide Me To Bed is for you to know what you’re doing when you go to buy a bed. However, both you and we know that a bed isn’t just its frame. Multiple different components work together to create your perfect bedroom centerpiece. Our handy buying guides for beds, mattresses and bedding are some of the core components to our website. On each of these three information-packed pages, you can find out everything you’ll ever need to prepare for buying a new part of your bedroom.


Need a new bed, but unsure on what kind to buy? Guide Me To Bed is here to help. Our combined knowledge provides an excellent source of information. Whether you’re looking for the pros and cons of a metal bed, or are looking for the ideal guest bed solution, we can help.

Our Bed Buying Guide page is constantly updated with brand new fresh guides to buying the perfect bed frame.


Is your mattress no longer offering the comfort you require? It’s probably time to invest in a new one. But the problem is, this process can become complicated. From the material they’re made from to the overall cost, mattresses can vary greatly. Often, the situation they are going to be used in can make an impact on which kind will be most appropriate for the situation.

Our Mattresses Buying Guide page contains loads of useful information which is sure to help guide you to a comfortable nights sleep.


So you’ve chosen your bed and mattress, but are now looking for the ideal bedding. We have plenty of useful guides on the area too. We cover key areas such as tog ratings and allergies. These guides have been created to assist you in the buying process.

Our Bedding Buying Guides page contains all the must need information from luxurious pillows to winter duvets.

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