Why are hotel beds so comfortable? We think everybody can agree that when you stay in a hotel, the most important part is the bed. There may be many hotels that offer a large range of different features and services, such as super-fast free wifi or very helpful staff, but they all hold a less important place in our hearts than how good a night’s sleep we’ll get. Hotel beds are akin to some sort of traveler’s holy grail. The better the bed, the better your entire hotel experience in general. We wondered how we might be able to get our own hotel bed experience at home, so we did some research to find out.

According to these sources, having the hotel bed experience at home comes down to three core components. Firstly, the colour. Nearly every hotel bed you will sleep in will be white. This was a precedent set in the 1990’s with the Heavenly Bed, something which quickly became the industry standard. Having a completely white bed gives the person sleeping in it an elevated sense of comfort, calmness and content.

The next component of a good hotel bed is the mattress and it’s optional accompanying accessories. The mattress is arguably the most important component of any hotel bed (obviously a bed without a mattress isn’t much of a bed at all), and the quality of the mattress greatly affects the visitors quality of sleep. It’s been reported that a majority of people staying in a hotel bed prefer a thick, but reasonably firm mattress for support and relief. Mattress hygiene is also essential, a new mattress should be bought every 4 years and cleaned regularly to maintain a high quality, low dust, grease and dirt experience.

Finally, it’s the level of comfort and the impression left by hotel beds through a combination of three different sheets, between 3 and 5 pillows, a mattress topper of your choice and good presentation. With more pillows you can achieve higher levels of comfort and arrange them the way you want them. Three sheets help to keep you warm and mean you’re always in contact with a soft surface. Pay close attention to the thread count of your bedding and the filling of your pillows for a truly sublime hotel bed experience at home.


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