The majority of bed retailers now sell ‘low bed frames’, but it is often misunderstood what they are and where it is most effective to have a low bed frame. We’re here to explain what low bed frames are and where they would be most valuable to you.

Low bed frames are very effective for use within attic or loft spaces where ceiling height has a huge impact on the choice of bed that you would require. They are suitable for those who would prefer a more ‘oriental’ style to their room. The low nature of low styled bed frames help to provide a spacious feeling to your bedroom. Low bed frames are a modern alternative to a ‘standard’ bed frame and offers excellent space saving solutions as well as providing a stylish and minimalist bed option.

Although low bed frames don’t always have to be used in loft and attic spaces, they can add a modern and stylish touch to practically any bedroom. But the main focus of low bed frames has got to be their space-saving ability, which is why they are so popular in smaller bedrooms.


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