Did you know we spend around ⅓ of our lives sleeping? This makes our bed buying decision a crucial one. It’s important when we select our frame, it’s going to be one that will not only last. But also be suited to our needs and requirements too. With so many different beds on the market, at Guide Me To Bed, we’ve decided to write a helpful guide to make the buying process easier.

The first thing you should decide on is what material frame you would like. The main options being metal or wooden. Both have their advantages and should be carefully considered against each other before making a decision. One of the main advantages of a wooden frame is there’s often many different colour options to choose from, especially with the increase of bed manufacturers who make their wooden frames to order. Wooden beds are also a lot more sturdy and robust compared to their metal counterparts. Although, choosing  a metal bed frame does also have it’s advantages. There’s many different styles available, so finding something perfect for your bedroom is easy.

Another thing to consider when you’re buying a bed frame is the size. Not every bed frame is standardized. So taking down the dimensions and checking it’s going to fit in the space available can save the embarrassment of a frame being too large. Though these sizes can have the same name, they can differ depending on where they’re from, so this is always worth noting. You should also consider the height of the bed frame. If you’re buying a bed for a loft conversion, then you should look up low bed frame options. These have been designed in such a way, they fit neatly into spaces where low ceiling height is a problem.

When choosing your frame, you should also think about your concerns. What do you want to mainly gain from your bed frame? You should consider if you want something that’s going to offer plenty of storage options, whether you’re after a large frame with plenty of sleeping surface or whether you want a bed which is going to be easy for you to get in and out of.

If you’re buying your bed online, then there’s a few things you should consider. Firstly, pictures can be edited, so may not show how the product truly looks. If you have any concerns about colour differences, ask for a sample. It’s also worth remembering you can’t physically check the quality of the product. Check online reviews to make sure the bed is good quality and won’t leave you disappointed. We have written a Buying Beds Online page to offer further advice.

Finally, once you’ve bought your bedframe, we recommend choosing the right mattress. Having a mattress which is suited to your needs can affect your comfort levels, even after choosing the ideal bed. We have written many guides on this area too to help you make the best decision.


I’m 28 and I work as an Internet Marketer and blog writer. I have been working in the bed industry for years and enjoy writing about my experiences. My hobbies include photography as well as writing in my spare time.

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