When it comes to choosing a wooden frame, there’s plenty you need to consider whether this be the style or size. One thing which is often overlooked is buying one which uses wood from a sustainable source. We rarely consider where the materials have come from, however the is a decision which can actually help positively impact. This helps to protect the environment and the incredible resources it provides for us to use in a huge variety of furniture products.  

Why Choose Beds Which Use Sustainably Sourced Materials?

Clearly, buying a wooden bed means you’re buying a product created from a tree. Where these trees have come from can greatly differ. Many big stores selling wooden beds will use wood which is from a sustainable supplier. This can be seen by the FSC approved logo. When you buy a bed with this sign, you know you’re helping to protect the environment. It’s common practice that for the trees used, there are others replanted to make up for what has gone into the production of the bed frame.

Why Choose A Wooden Bed?

If you decide to buy a wooden bed, it’ll come with many benefits over other types such as metal. A bed wood is an incredibly solid structure which will remain firm for many years. This ensures a comfortable nights sleep without any movement. This is compared to metal bed alternatives which often move as you do, creaking and making it difficult to fall asleep.

Wooden beds are also often a lot more aesthetically pleasing compared to metal. They are also available in a wide variety of finishes, including hardwoods, which natural looks compliment many different bedrooms perfectly. Metal beds often don’t have this same eye-catching, stunning effect.

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