If you want to add a unique touch to your bed to make it stand out more, you can get staining on your wooden bed frame. This is more common for those that go with a Pine finish rather than a hardwood finish.

Getting staining on your wooden bed frame allows you to bring some vibrance from having just a bland wooden bed frame. Meaning that there’s a wide range of different colours available for you to order, with some companies offering over 15 colour variations! One of the most popular Pine finishes is a Sandy finish, as this provides a close resemblance to Oak. Meaning that you can still have the classy appearance of oak but without paying the premium price. But you have to bare in mind that just because it look like oak, it still isn’t oak, meaning that it won’t be as robust but pine is still of a reasonable quality.

Staining your bed frame means that you can make your wooden bed frame special to you and personal to your bedroom. So whether you want a fluorescent colour to make it stand out or perhaps a common coloured bed frame in order for it to blend in with any other furniture that you may have in your bedroom. Another popular staining colour is black or brown (chocolate), this is because these colours are fairly common in room decor so the wooden bed frame of the same colour tends to work perfectly. Ordering your bed online tends to give you more options in terms of colour and staining, as online bed retailers go for a made to order method of production the majority of the time. Whereas local high street bed stores will tend to offer limited staining and colour variation.

Overall, staining on your wooden bed frame can be a very important element for when your order your bed. So it’s important to order your wooden bed frame in the perfect colour for you and your bedroom.

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