Buying Beds Online:

With the huge growth of the internet, comes the online shopping boom. From buying beds online to buying the latest mobile phone, it’s possible to buy almost anything. It’s no wonder that in 2013 it’s reported that UK shoppers spent around £91bn online. While online shopping helps us avoid a cold winters day on the high street, it’s important to consider a few different factors if you decide you want to buy a bed online. This is the Guide Me To Bed guide on ordering beds online.

Buying beds online can a great solution. It makes everything so convenient. We can avoid queues, parking costs and traveling. With a few clicks, we can view the whole store within one page, seeing it’s price, and product photos. This is all from the comfort of our own homes. Not only can you view products online quickly and easily, but you can also get slashed prices. This is thanks to online bed companies not having to store large quantities of stock. There is also of course the advantage of the delivery services. With some online bed companies delivering within a few days, you can have your brand new frame without ever leaving your house. There has also been a rise in the amount of handmade beds available. This excellent concept means rather than order something premade, you can get something exactly as you need. Whether this means size adjustments, or a choice from multiple colours, this bed buying online shopping experience opens up a whole world of brand new combinations that wouldn’t be possible for normal shops to offer.

Buying Beds Online Guide

Buying a Bed Online

Though of course, this is excellent. There are some considerations to take into account while you’re browsing for beds online. Because you cannot physically see the product, it’s important you study the photos carefully. Monitors can make a slight difference to the colour of the product. Because of this, it’s important to consider there may be a slight colour variation when you receive your bed frame. Our advice would be to ask for a sample. Most online companies, especially those who hand make them to order, will be more than happy to send a sample of their colours. This is excellent because you can study the colour as it will appear in real life on your bed frame. The same also applies to the material. Because you can’t view the product in real life you cannot view the quality of the material. By checking the materials used, it will be easier to understand what wood is being used which can help understand how solid the frame will be. Not only can monitor sometimes display colours differently but also remember the photos could be edited too. If in doubt about the colour, again, contact the company and ask for a sample piece so you can check for yourself it’s the colour you require.

When browsing for a new bed online, you should also check the sizes. With a variety of sizes available, including single and doubles, it’s important to check the measurements of these bed frames once constructed. Sometimes though two bed frames can be both single, their size can vary slightly. Check the specifications for the frame you’re ordering to avoid an embarrassing situation of it not fitting in it’s bedroom.  Again, because you can’t view the product in real life, it’s important to consider the quality. Does the bed frame use cheaper materials such as metal, which can often be squeaky and have a short life span. Or does it use solid wood which will create a solid wooden bed frame for years to come.

Security concerns are also likely to be a big fear of many consumers considering buying beds online. Our expert advice here it to look for ‘HTTPS’ within the search/URL bar at the top of your browser. Https is a way you can tell your data is being secured. We also recommend only buying from well known bed suppliers, or those with other online presence such as reviews. This way you know you’re buying from a trustworthy source.  A further way to protect yourself is to set up passwords for your credit card. This is like an extra layer of security, where you’re required to enter certain letters (or numbers) or your password before a transaction can be completed. This can protect yourself if your wallet is to get stolen, as the criminal cannot use the card to purchase online. If you don’t already have this set up, we highly recommend it, even if you don’t end up buying a bed online. In addition to this, we suggest not clicking links within emails. These could be phishing. This is a way of scammers catching your login details or bank account information. This common practice for not only buying beds online, but also other goods or services too.  

Many consumers may also wonder what happens if they don’t like their bed. What happens if it arrives damaged? We recommend taking a read over the company’s terms and conditions. This can help you understand your rights for if you change your mind, as well as the warranty given on your bed frame. This can help you have piece at mind, especially if you know you have a long warranty.

Further advice we can give is to check online reviews. The internet is full of people who will tell you about their experience with a company. Often, if they have a bad experience, they cannot wait to tell others to avoid using the company. If you find a bed frame you like, do a bit of research on the company. Are their products high quality? and do they deliver when they should? are some of the questions you can quickly get the answer to before making your bed buying decision. We also recommend comparing prices online. This can help you find the best deal, potentially saving you cash.

Our final word of advice for buying beds online (and any other product for that matter) is ‘if it seems too good to be true, it probably is’. By following this, it can help you avoid being scammed or ripped off by people offering what looks an amazing deal, but is actually a scam, where you’ll never actually receive your product.

We hope this Guide Me To Bed guide to buying beds online has been useful. Online shopping is an excellent thing, so why not buy your brand new bed frame today, and avoid hassle of those busy shops?

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