Before buying a bed, one of the key considerations you have to make first is size. Is it going to fit in your bedroom? Will it meet your specific height requirements? The variation of bed sizes around the world on offer is exceptional, it is more or less guaranteed that there will be a bed size out there to suit most of your needs and requirements. If you happen to be limited on space, with a loft or attic bedroom that has a sloping ceiling or have space at your fingertips with a large master bedroom, there is sure to be a bed size out there that can offer you a solution. Dimensions and bed frame names vary significantly around the world, with most countries having their own standards and terminology, especially America.

The size of a bed frame is influential, it is the be all and end all of your bed selecting journey, if mistakes are made at this stage it could hinder your chances of a perfect bed frame. Ensure that you follow the guides clearly, and you measure your required space specifically and you will have no problems in selecting the right bed size to suit you. Here at Guide Me To Bed, our expert knowledge has enabled us to collate a chart of bed frame sizes for the UK and for the USA as seen below, in order to help our consumers in these global areas to select the right bed size to meet their exact needs.


Different Options Available

If it is a loft or attic space that you find yourself working with but you really want a king size bed frame, then maybe a Space Saver or Platform Bed is the option that you should favour. Space Saver beds sit very low to the ground, and the main difference between them and a standard height bed is that they take a lot less floor space, as the bed frame itself is a lot smaller than it would necessarily be with a standard height bed. This design gives the mattress a floating effect, and no legs sit at the foot of the bed, meaning that vital room is saved and you can get the bed size that you want.

There is now a new design called the Zip and Link Mattress, this incorporates two single mattresses that have a zip system down one side enabling them to zip and link together to form a larger sized mattress. This new design makes it a lot easier to maneuver mattresses into awkward spaces, like up into loft or attic spaces that have an awkward entrance or stairwell. Also in modern times, many different mattresses can be brought rolled up and compressed to make them remarkably easier to maneuver, and once in their designated area and all packaging is removed, the compressed air will be released and the mattress will begin to return to its normal form.

Some wooden bed frames now rather than the mattress being inset into the bed frame, have the mattress sit on top of the wooden frame to increase the space you have in your bedroom and stop you from bumping into the frame.

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  UK Bed Frame Sizes

Small Single – The small single bed size measures 2ft 9” x 6ft 8”  It is an ideal size for kids bedrooms or maybe box bedrooms alike to slot easily into small spaces.

Single – The single bed size measures 3ft 2” x 6ft 8” Again it is an ideal size for small kids bedrooms or tight box rooms alike. Where space is a problem and you need a small sized bed to do the job.

Petite Double – The Petite Double bed size measures 3ft 9” x 6ft 8” This is a step up in luxury from the single bed sizes, offering a slightly bigger alternative to the single but still not as big as a small or standard double bed.

Small Double – The Small Double bed size measures 4ft 3” x 6ft 8” This bed size is ideal if you haven’t got the largest of master bedrooms it can fit nicely in any corner of the room and you can easily tell the difference in size from the petite double.

Standard Double – The Standard Double bed size measures 4ft 9” x 6ft 8” Now the standard double bed size is the most common size, it’s perfect for your everyday bedroom and looks excellent in most bed frame designs.

Kingsize – The Kingsize bed size measures 5ft 3” x 7ft This is where the luxury begins, the king size offers you a larger surface area to sleep on and is a clear step up from the standard double bed, perfect for master bedrooms.

Small Super King – The Small Super King bed size measures 5ft 9” x 7ft This bed frame size is the start of the big beds, these bed sizes are not common, they are fairly rare and only start to come into effect it larger master bedrooms.

Super King – The Super King bed size measures 6ft 3” x 7ft This bed frame size is of the utmost grandeur and luxury these bed sizes are not common, they are fairly rare and only start to come into effect it larger master bedrooms.

Eastern King – The Eastern king bed size measures 6ft 9” x 7ft This bed frame size offers a spacious, luxury and is a rather large bed size. It is more suited to hotels or large master bedrooms alike.

Emperor – The Emperor bed size measures 7ft 3” x 7ft 6” The Emperor size certainly lives up to its name, this large size is 5” bigger than the Eastern King and a lot more luxurious designed for the larger scale bedrooms and hotel rooms.

Super Emperor – The Super Emperor bed size measures 7ft 9” x 7ft 6” This bed frame size is one of the most luxurious bed sizes in the UK, its large stature makes it the perfect size for a Four Poster Bed Frame and of course is only really suited to the larger bedroom.

Caesar – The Caesar bed size measures 8ft 3” x 7ft 6” The Caesar size is the baby of the Super Caesar, but it must be the largest baby you have ever seen. This bed frame size is beginning to get monstrous and optimizes class and luxury.

Super Caesar – The Super Caesar bed size measures 9ft 3” x 7ft 6” – After extensive research across the UK, only one manufacturer was found for such a bed frame. This bed frame is pure luxury and can accommodate 7 fully grown adult bodies meaning space in the bed will not be an issue.



USA Bed DimensionsBed Frame Sizes

Standard American Sizes

Twin – The Twin bed size measures 39in x 75in (99cm x 191cm) This bed size maybe compared to the single or maybe just a few inches narrower, perfect for a child’s bedroom or a small box room that you  may have in your house.

Full or Double – The full or Double bed size measures 54in x75in (137cm x 191cm) This bed size sits between the small double and the standard double UK bed size, probably a common bed size for the standard family home in America.

Queen – The Queen bed size measures 60in x 80in (152cm x 203cm) This bed size is similar to the Kingsize UK bed size, it’s the beginning of the luxury bed sizes and offers you a larger sleeping surface area and is a clear step up from the Full or Double bed size.

King – The King bed size measures 76in x 80in (193cm x 203cm)  This Bed size is deemed as a luxury size in America, it’s clearly not the most luxurious however certainly puts up a challenge for the California King. Perfect for master bedrooms this is a popular US size.

California King – The California King bed frame measures 72in x 84in (183cm x 213cm) The California King, the utmost in luxury across the pond and is a very popular bed size amongst celebs as well as common people. This large bed size is also very popular in hotels and guest houses alike, as well as rather large master bedrooms.

Other American Sizes

In addition to the sizes above, in more modern times, there have been a few other sizes that have began to gain acceptance in America and are becoming just as popular as the commonly known bed frame sizes.

Twin XL – The Twin XL bed frame measures 39in x 80in (99cm x 203cm) This bed size is just slightly larger than the regular twin, similar to the UK single bed size again this bed size is perfect for box bedrooms or childs bedrooms alike where there is maybe a little more space to work with.

Three Quarters – The Three Quarters bed frame measures 48in x 75in (122cm x 191cm) This bed frame size is not quite a double, but is considerably larger than a Twin or Twin XL making it perfect for standard sized bedrooms that can’t quite fit a double, but a twin would be too small.

Full XL – The Full XL bed frame measures 54in x 80in (137cm x 203cm) This bed size is just slightly bigger than the full/double, perfect for the standard sized bedroom where you have space to work with, and want that extra bit of luxury over a double bed.

California Queen WaterBed Insert – The California Queen WaterBed Insert measures 58in x 82in (147cm x 208cm)  Used for conventional mattresses inside a waterbed frame. Subtract 2.0 inches from California Queen WaterBed Size.

California King WaterBed Insert – The California King WaterBed Insert measures 70in x 82in (178cm x 208cm)  Used for conventional mattresses inside a waterbed frame. Subtract 2.0 inches from California King WaterBed Frame.


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