We’re always discovering new and interesting things when it comes to beds, and some of them truly delve into the realm of odd. Because of this, we decided to pick our top ten unusual bed designs and showcase them for you here. Take a look at these photos and see if you agree with us.

Remote Controlled Bed

This bed is remote controlled, and extends out from the bottom of those shelves! This is super convenient if you’re struggling for floor space, or if you just really like cool technology. However, the big drawback of this bed is that you’ve still got to store everything that goes on top of the bed somewhere around the room. The mattress, pillows and bedding unfortunately will not fit inside the shelves with the bed.

tall four posted bed upholstered with monks robes

This is a tall four poster bed upholstered with monks robes! They’re brilliant if you want to build a room around a more classic aesthetic, and fit perfectly with this bedroom. However, the only drawbacks may be that they collect dust quickly and we fear they may develop a certain odour over time. Apart from those, an excellent and creative way to adorn a four poster bed.

Double bunk beds

These double bunk beds are perfect for times when you’ve got guests, or simply a lot of kids. They’re appropriately decorated with a naval theme, and each bed has its own set of handy curtains for added privacy. You’d worry that with this arrangement it would be difficult for light to get into the room, but with the combination of lamp and small porthole-esque window in each, it’ll be just fine.

Qing Dynasty marriage bed

This is a Qing Dynasty Chinese marriage bed. Chinese marriage beds are renowned for being ornate, intricate, and huge. They are traditionally given to newly wed couples on the night of their wedding as a gift. They’re quite spacious, and include fully-encircling curtains for privacy. We think these are stunning pieces of exquisite workmanship, and there’s a collector who shares our opinion – so much so, he owns over 150 of them!

Rural themed bed

This stylish, rural-themed bed has been ingeniously crafted out of twigs, branches and logs, with the four posts being the trunks of young trees. We think this bed is an excellent alternative to conventional methods of making beds, it uses less timber too. This bed would fit perfectly into a log cabin, or a more rustic-themed bedroom. That is, if you don’t mind the occasional bird’s nest.

Antique bed

This antique bed and bedroom fit together perfectly. However, the most important feature of this room is the bed’s headboard. Not only is it an unusual shape, but the design was actually hand-stitched by nuns. Coupled with the pair of candelabras on either side of it, it’s an excellent combination of an antique aesthetic and hand-made skill.

Bed with a ceiling height headboard

This bed and bedroom both have a clear contemporary theme, with the unusual feature here quite obviously being the ceiling height headboard. It’s been stitched with an attractive diamond pattern, and interesting way to break up the block of colour it would have been otherwise. What’s interesting about this room though is the ceiling. It has a high ceiling, with a minimal cornice on the borders. This suggests this is either a renovation, or simply a redecoration. Regardless, it looks brilliant.

Headboard of ornate carved wooden decorations

This particular bed is unique for its headboard. It spans the entire wall, and is made out of ornate carved wooden decorations. We think this is by far the most intricate headboard/accompaniment of this collection and if you’ve got the space and the time/money, it would be an incredible addition to a bedroom. However, we get the feeling this is more of a one-time thing, unfortunately.

drab-looking upholstered day-bed

This drab-looking upholstered day-bed doesn’t seem to offer much other than a reduced amount of floor space in the room. Despite its colours, it does fit in well with the surrounding decor, besides a slightly vintage look is popular currently. We personally wouldn’t have this in our bedroom, but combined with the rest of the bedroom shown here, it works.

stunning birch bed#

Finally, this stunning birch bed. We love it, it’s a connection with nature that you wouldn’t usually find inside the bedroom, and fits in perfectly. Accompanied by a mixture of modern and slightly older decor, the three lamps in the room contrast each other excellently. This bed is definitely something we’d enjoy.

Of these ten weird and wacky beds, our favourite has got to be the bed crafted from twigs, branches and logs. It’s a lovely design and we’d be more than interested to try it out.



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