Is your bedroom short on space? Perhaps you’ve recently moved into your dorm at University and don’t have enough space for your stuff? This is what inspired us to compile a list of the most clever bedroom storage solutions for rooms that are short on space.

Maximising The Space Under Your Bed

This may prove a problem if you have a low bed, but if you do have a standard bed with plenty of space, are you utilising this space? Rather than have clutter scattered all over your bedroom, you could simply cram it all under your bed. Or if you are looking for some organisation, you may want to invest in underbed storage boxes.

Organise Your Dresser / Wardrobe

It is highly likely that you will have a dresser or wardrobe in your bedroom, perhaps both. But are you using it to its full capacity? It’s very easy to just chuck clothes into your wardrobe with no organisation whatsoever. But if you were to actually organise your dresser or wardrobe, you’ll soon find that you have more space than you first thought.

Decorative Bedroom Hooks

Certainly a cheap and cheerful storage solution, perfect for hanging up any jewellery or any loose items of clothes that you may have scattered around your bedroom. We’d certainly suggest these hooks as a way to clear up a few odd bits and bobs.


Making your bedroom more spacious doesn’t have to be an overly extensive project. A few simple steps can easily transform your bedroom into a cavernous paradise. This will prove most effective in smaller and minimalist bedrooms. Underbed storage will prove essential for clearing away any unnecessary clutter from your bedroom floor. Organising your wardrobe can not only make your bedroom neater, it will allow you to have all of your loose items stored away in a convenient place.


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