You may be getting tired and fed up of your bedroom and its current layout. Your bed is in the wrong place and you’re running out of space to put things. You might be considering things you could do in order to fix this irritating situation, for example moving a piece of furniture around to create more floor space, or simply for the sake of change. You may even be thinking about drastic measures you could take to shake up the structure and arrangement of your bedroom entirely. Well, you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a little inspiration on what to do with your unsatisfactory bedroom.

If you are considering rearranging your room then we say: do it! Go for it and make things different. It never hurts to have a change of scenery and you know that while it’ll take a little effort that you’d probably rather not expand, it’ll be totally worth it once you’re finished. Start by cleaning your room as best you can. There’s no way to plan things when you can’t really tell what’s what and where everything could fit if you can’t even see the space you have available yourself. Planning is key when it comes to rearranging your bedroom: make sure you have a clear plan in your mind of what you want to do before you do it. It may even be easier for you to make a list of the things in your room and whether or not you want to move them. Rearranging your room doesn’t always mean moving everything (but it usually does!). Once your bedroom is tidied, start with what is most likely to be the largest item of furniture in your room: your bed.

Remove anything you may have stored underneath your bed and place it neatly elsewhere in your room or around your home. Move the piece of furniture you’re going to be replacing with your bed out of the way and move your bed into place. Reorganise everything you moved from under your bed and place it back under there, ready for when you next get the urge to completely rearrange your room. Repeat this process until your room is successfully rearranged and you’re both exhausted and satisfied. Hint – make sure to remove anything you may have in the furniture you’re transferring if you think it may fall out or if it’s breakable.

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