If you’ve got the luxury of having a guest room, then it’s important to make it fully equipped for any eventuality. A proper guest room should provide both bed and bath supplies such as spare pillows, a toothbrush, soap and extra blankets should they be needed. Of course, that’s only naming a few of the obvious essentials that should be included in a guest room. To really make it perfect and prepared, be ready to take it to the next level.

The first thing you should know about ensuring your guest room is stocked fully with all of the essentials is that you should treat it no differently to your own bedroom. What would you like to see in there? Of course, I’m not talking about your favourite pair of fluffy slippers specifically, but a pair of slippers should definitely be considered. Your guest room should be comprised of items that you’d want in your everyday bedroom, but carefully selected so your guest room can be easily occupied by anybody.

Make a list of the essential items you have in your own bedroom. Toiletries, comfort items (cushions, etc.) a good set of curtains or blinds, a bedside table and lamp. It may even be best to treat your guest room like a room you’d expect to find at a hotel. Include everything that you’ve added to your list and double check it. Make it neat and presentable and ensure everything is organised and easy to find.

Finally, add a bit of a personal touch. While it’s true this is a guest room that you’re unlikely to ever stay in yourself, it’s still a part of your home and it never hurts to keep that in mind. A familiar picture, or an ornament you’re particularly fond of but have never really found a place for. As I mentioned earlier, guest rooms are about presentation too. Once you feel you’ve finished your guest room adequately, take a step back and take a look around. I feel the best way to decide whether your guest room is well prepared for anybody who might stay in it is to ask yourself whether you’d be happy to sleep there yourself. If the answer is no, it’s back to the drawing board. Good luck!


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