A messy bedroom throws up some serious tripping hazards. Tripping sounds like such a minor accident but can have some pretty nasty consequences. There are always serious accidents caused by tripping and in the event of a messy bedroom, definitely not a subject to be taken lightly. Especially in the case of children with toys, tripping hazards litter bedroom floors. Spiky toys, rolling toys, toys with wheels, there’s no end to the seemingly harmless items that can become lethal implements simply with a misplaced step. While this may seem a little over the top, there is a danger of tripping that could get someone seriously hurt. There are a few simple ways you can help prevent this from happening.

Tidying up is a bore and nobody enjoys doing it, but it doesn’t have to be a long or difficult job. Simply organising things in neat piles to the side can create a clear and trip-free path through the room. However, this is by no means a permanent solution. A hastily tidied room will only slowly digress into messiness again. To truly free the floor of trip hazards, spend some time putting everything away. It will also provide you with the opportunity to do some organising. Things shoved away in cupboards will lead to future frustration, guaranteed. Not being able to find something because of a poor tidying job is one of the most irritating things ever. Furthermore, because the tidying is done poorly, it’s likely a large portion of everything that’s tidied away will have to be removed in order to find the desired item.

Organisation goes hand in hand with tidiness. It’s not difficult, simply reduce the amount of space each item takes up, for example by folding clothes. Place everything in an easily accessible location and make sure it’s sorted in item groups. So don’t mix different items together, keep them with other things of the same type. It’s simple practices like this that can make your life a million times easier. Take the opportunity to have a small clear-out as well. It never hurts to be rid of accumulated junk. Furthermore, when you do have a clear-out, there’s always an opportunity for nostalgia. Often, the things being cleared out are being cleared out because they are old and unused, but those sort of things are some of the best conversation starters (although I’m quite sure you’d be tidying by yourself, there are some things, like early school photos that you’d rather not

A messy bedroom can be one of two ways. Either the occupant knows it’s a mess but also knows where everything is, or the occupant has absolutely no clue where anything is and just lives around the mess. It’s the latter of the two that tend to have the most difficult job cleaning their personal space, unsurprisingly.

Finally, if nothing else, the reason you should tidy a room is the immense satisfaction you gain when it’s finished. Nothing quite compares to completing what feels like an insurmountable task. Even if the room isn’t that messy, making things tidy brings a sense of accomplishment regardless of the size of the task. A messy room won’t be dangerous once you’ve got your hands on it.


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