There are several types of different pillows, made with different materials and different stuffing’s, all of which provide a certain level of comfort. But which type of pillow is the comfiest? We have evaluated the comfort of five types of pillows: Goose Feather Down Pillows; Memory Microfibre Foam Pillows; Hollowfibre Pillows; Microfibre Silky Pillows and Hungarian Goose Down Pillows.

Goose Feather Down Pillows are perfect for supporting and comforting your head and neck. All the fillings within the pillow are 100% natural and the down helps to keep the pillow warm and comfortable whilst the feathers help to allow the mattress to breathe. The Goose Feather Down Pillow is also able to be washed and tumble dried at home making this a convenient option for any household. The average price of these pillows is approximately £25.00.

Memory Microfibre Foam Pillows contain memory microfibres that are highly supportive and comfortable. They work by moulding to the shape of your head and neck, this then positions your body in a perfect way as it tailors itself to suit how you sleep. The memory microfibres allow air to circulate so it doesn’t overheat yet remains at a comfortable temperature. This pillow offers a firmer comfort and support level than other synthetic pillows due to the deep layers of memory microfibres. This pillow is encased within a 100% cotton cover and can be washed conveniently at home. The average price of these pillows is approximately £25.00.

Hollowfibre Pillows work to trap heat much better than other materials and therefore creates a warm and comfortable sleeping environment. The use of hollowfibres within the pillow can be beneficial for those who suffer from allergies as they are hypoallergenic. This pillow is a more affordable option and is filled with high quality hollowfibre material. With an average price of approximately £12.00, it is definitely a cheaper alternative to the other pillows that we’ve reviewed in this article.

Microfibre Silky Pillows features layers of soft silky microfibres that are then carefully blended with fine hollowfibre – this creates an excellent combination of comfort and both of these materials benefit from being hypoallergenic, making it a perfect choice for those who suffer with allergies. Hollowfibres help to trap heat more than other synthetic fibres therefore creating a warm and cosy sleeping environment. This is further increasings by the very fine microfibres that are very warm and are known for being soft and lightweight. The pillows are then encased within a 100% cotton cover to keep them fresh and hygienic for longer. Average price is approximately £25.00.

Hungarian Goose Down Pillows are possibly the most luxurious pillow that money can buy but they do come at a high price. They offer huge levels of support and comfort, all of the fillings within the pillow are 100% natural, this pillow also benefits from being able to be machine washed and tumble dried at home which can be a convenient choice for busy households. You could say that these are the most comfy pillows that you can buy, but the average price of Hungarian Goose Down Pillows is roughly £80.00.

Overall, the pillows that we have reviewed are all of high quality and each provide a luxurious amount of comfort. In terms of price we would recommend the Hollowfibre Pillows as they are of a great quality for such a reasonable price. If you want a pillow that is of ridiculously high comfort but for a premium price then we would recommend the Hungarian Goose Down Pillows. But if you want the best all-round pillows for a decent price then we would have to suggest that you go with the Microfibre Silky Pillows or the Memory Microfibre Foam Pillows as both of these pillows are our personal favourites.


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