Kids Bedding Buying Guide

The step up from being a baby to getting your bed as a kid is a massive one. With a child’s developing brain comes a new preference on how they wish their room to look. From the desired wallpaper to their preferred bedding, they have a massive say in how their new room looks. It’s a tradition that boys will want their favourite superhero, or football team on their bedding while girls will want princesses or pink, but everyone has their preferences, and this doesn’t have to be the norm. While choosing Kids Bedding, it’s important both the child feels comfortable in their personal space because they’ve chosen the style. But as a parent buying the Kids Bedding, we feel it’s important you take in some considerations. This includes how long the bedding is set to last, as well as whether the material used has the potential to cause irritation to your child. This is the Guide Me To Bed guide on Kids Bedding.

Checking The Material Used In The Bedding

This is a hugely important consideration you should take. While you need to make sure the bedding is durable so it lasts, you should also make sure it’s cosy. This is because as kids, we all prefer a cosy environment which makes us feel safe. Bedding which uses cotton is a great choice for children with sensitive skin. If your child has sensitive skin, or mad allergies, we highly recommend the choice of bedding to be one which has been made without pesticides or any other fertilisers. For those children looking for a cosy feeling, we suggest a bedding set made from fleece fabric. This provides an extremely soft and comforting feeling for the child.

Other Considerations

Being a parent is expensive. It’s important to consider how long you wish for the Kids Bedding set to last. If you’re after something that will last for a few years, we suggest choosing something with solid colours. Let your child choose their favourite. But, we do suggest if you are planning on these bedding sets lasting a few years to steer away from character themes. We all know how quickly a child can change their mind, so you don’t want to be left changing bedding after 6 months because they see the superhero on their bedding as the past. Paying close attention to the materials used and thread counts is also highly recommended by us, especially if you’re after something to last for the upcoming years.

Boys Bedding

From superhero’s to football teams, these are the most popular choices among boys. When buying a bedding set for boys you take into consideration whether you’re planning on changing their bedding set on a regular basis. If so, it’s great to take into account their hobbies and favourite characters. But if you want something for you boy which will last for a few years, solid colours such as blues and grey are the way forward. This way, you have a fairly neutral bedding set which a boy can’t ‘grow out of’ like they could with a bedding set of a superhero.

Girls Bedding

Like with boys bedding, their favourite character can change, literally overnight. This is why rather than getting an expensive princess bedding set, colours like solid pinks can be longer lasting. If you of course plan on regular bedding replacement, then letting a child express their opinions and interests through their bedding is a excellent. Especially as it can be more comforting to them knowing their favourite character is there.

Duvet Tog Ratings

While our children are in bed, we want them to feel as comfortable as possible. This can be helped by choosing the correct duvet. This is why when buying their new duvet you should look at the tog rating. A tog rating is almost like a way of rating how warm a duvet will be. The lower the number, the lighter weight and cooler the bed sheet will keep you. This of course means you should take into account the current season. In the summer, a duvet with a rating between 3 and 4.5 will make an excellent choice, while in the winter over 13.5 is our recommendation for keeping your child warm and cosy. You may have also heard about all season duvets. As the name suggests, these are fit for all the months of the year. These combine two duvets into one, and during the warmer months, one part can be taken away to make the duvet cooler. In our expert opinion, these are the best choice. It means all in one your kid has a duvet guaranteed to keep them warm in winter, and cool in the summer. No last minute worries about replacing a thin summer duvet as the first frost hits.

Duvet Tog Rating Scale
                        (Figure 1) Duvet Tog Rating Scale

Mattress Protectors

While buying a mattress protector is great practise for whoever the bed is for, it’s well worth mentioning again. They’re an excellent way of providing an extra layer between your mattress and child. This helps to extend the life of the mattress as it offers protection against stains, spillages, and accidents. Mattresses are an expensive investment, so we highly recommend the use of one of these to get the longest life from your mattress. Not only do they protect your mattress, but they can also help your child feel more comfortable thanks to the extra padded layer they add.


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