Pillows can come with a wide range of different stuffing’s and materials. Some examples are: Goose Down Feathers; Microfibre; Hollowfibre and Memory Foam. But why are Goose Down Feathers used in pillows?

Goose Down Feathers are 100% natural, making them environmentally friendly as opposed to certain types of pillows. They are renowned for the high level of comfort and support that they provide, making them the perfect addition to your bed/sofa. They are perfect for keeping your pillow at a reasonable temperature, the Goose Down Feathers will also allow the mattress to breath. The pillows are then covered with a 100% pure cotton pillow cover, this makes it more hygienic and ensures that the pillow will maintain freshness.

Goose Down Feather pillows have a fairly long lifespan, providing that they are looked after. These pillow types also benefit from being able to be tumble dried, making it ideal for busy households. This also ensures that they can be washed much more easily than other types of pillows, meaning that they can be kept fresh and maintain their levels of comfort.

The main benefit of Goose Feather Pillows is that they are high quality, provide excellent levels of comfort and support, as well as it being easy to wash. This makes it the ideal type of pillow for any home. Although they do tend to be a slightly higher price than other types of pillow, you will be looking at a price tag of roughly £25, this isn’t too bad providing the superior level of comfort that you’ll get.

Overall, Goose Down Feathers are used in pillows as they are comfortable as they are 100% natural, ensuring that freshness is the main priority. The fact that they can be tumble dried also means that they can be washed much more easily than other types of pillows.


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