When buying a new bed, a choice which is so often overlooked is day beds. These are a stylish choice which actually serve a dual purpose and are the perfect idea for almost any room in the house.

Unique Design

The unique design of day beds means during the day they can be used as seating. They feature a back and armrest for added comfort. These can be decorated with covers and pillows to make sitting on them incredibly comfortable. They are excellent for conservatories or teenagers bedrooms where they can be used as a place to sit with friends during the day, and a guest bed at night.


This lead onto their second purpose, a bed frame. When the time comes for sleep, this multi-function bed choice will provide the perfect night’s sleep. Unlike a sofa bed, no conversion is required, meaning it’s ready for use without any effort. You can use a standard mattress too so you can get the night’s sleep you desire.

Comfortable And Stylish

There are two main materials that day beds come in, metal and wood. Both provide a stunning looking design and it’s mainly personal preference to which is best to choose. Wooden will provide a chunky design, while metal may have unique design features such as curved metal shapes around the frame. Each of these two styles and materials differ from each other greatly, but day beds are more often than not made out of wood, the material they are traditionally constructed from. Metal day beds do exist, but they have a tendency to stick out in a room in a unique way – a relatively lengthy piece of furniture with such a spindle-like frame is definitely an eye-catcher. However, it can never compete with the intricacy and care that goes into crafting a wooden day bed.

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