You wouldn’t normally consider a bedding set as an ideal gift, but it’s surprising how well received it can be. The subject of gifts is a very diverse one, with room for much innovation and creativity. There are some people who make huge efforts to get someone just the right gift, but also those who simply pick up just the right thing with no effort whatsoever. It’s unfortunate that it’s not so easy for some, but we’re here to help out with a small suggestion that might give you the push you need to make a truly excellent choice on a gift.

Ironically, bedding can be one of the best unexpected gifts to give. Back when bedding was all quite bland colour-wise, we imagine there was a time when giving bedding may well have been an insult. These days, giving bedding as a gift still sounds a little odd, but is considerably more feasible and acceptable, as there are many different bed sheet designs available, some particular favourites being cute animals, superheroes, inspirational quotes, alcohol, among other themes. People often get tired of/wear down their current bedsheets, and make the decision often to simply go for the cheapest option, instead of something that’ll keep well and provide comfort, warmth and satisfaction for years to come.

Often, in the aforementioned case where people don’t even have a second thought about these things, they’ll just grab whatever they can. It’s an attitude like this which is why this sort of gift is good, it means you’ve put some thought into it, especially the theme is of something they like instead of just something stylish. If you’re looking for a gift that’ll last longer than a box of chocolates, simply look to a suitably themed set of bedding. An unexpected, yet excellent gift for any occasion.


Lover of all things beds, especially the sleeping. IKEA makes my life easy. Contributing author for Guide Me To Bed and bed maker by trade.

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