After buying a bed and mattress, you are probably be going to be looking at buying some new bedding. Whether you need an affordable pillow or a warm winter duvet this bedding guide has plenty of information to assist you with various bedding types.


Duvets vary in how warm they’re going to keep you. This is down to something call their tog rating. The  higher their number, the warmer they’re going to be. During the winter you will want to be using something as high 15 as they will make sure you are nice and snug during the frosty nights. In the summer you will want something low like a 4.5 rating, as this will make sure you are not left sweating at night.

Mattress Toppers

These are a great, affordable additional layer you can add to your mattress. If your mattress is losing its comfort levels, or has never quite been the right one for you then this piece of bedding may help. A mattress topper adds an extra comfort layer to your mattress for those who needed that added soft feel.

Mattress Protectors

Another excellent piece of bedding we highly recommend is a mattress protector. As the name suggests, these are designed to protect your mattress thanks to adding an additional protective layer. Many of these are waterproof so will help protect against accidental spillages as well as dust.  These are machine washable so easy to keep fresh.


The type of pillows you choose can greatly impact on how comfy your night’s sleep is. If your pillow isn’t offering the comfort you remember, we recommend changing this. If you’re using the wrong pillow for you, you could find yourself waking up with neck pain. There are many affordable options available such as hollowfibre, or for the added touch of luxury, there’s one containing fillings such as goose down.


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